creāre |‘to make, to produce, to choose, to name’

“The amateur is in need for inspiration. Whatever that may be. The professional artist needs just three things: material, space, and concentration. Then you’re ready to go!”




When I started charcoal lessons in drawing naked models, I was never interested in striving for pure physical similarities. I always tend to add the invisible inward personality toward the physical shape. Was it my psychological background? Or was I hiding my technical vulnerabilities?


The bodies

The human body is unique in its form. Not one straight line detectable and still elegant and pure in its shape. What is it that attracts us so much in the body of the other?


The family

The most challenging (or least appreciative!?) task is to draw your direct relatives. Is it their high demand, or your blind spot that is between you and that familiar face you haven’t looked that close in detail in whole your life?


The rose

Do we name something a rose because we are taught to, or is something a rose? All objects reminds us of objects we have ever seen before.

Can we prepare ourselves to see something unprepared?

To see, discover, experience an object or subject as if we have never since such a form, color, content, material?


The sculpture

The decomposition of man.

1. fitch overview

The atelier

The workspace has an intriguing effect on ones performances. At least, on me. That is why I am always wondering how people feel working in warehouses, office buildings, and factory halls. My ambition was to create a working environment that inspires me more than my bedroom does, why would I otherwise leave my house?


The mission

‘Becoming who you are’. That is the mission and slogan of the company Fitch I founded 10 years ago. We help people to form and shape their own lives in the way it suits them the best ánd bring them in perfect equilibrium with their surroundings. Life is one big artwork. And so is work itself. The constructing and shaping of Fitch is an 10-year old during artwork that hasn’t been finished yet, and yet never will!

the wall gathering

The wall

So another brick in the wall? Let’s break through that wall. The wall keeps us inside the box. Why getting outside if it’s only cold and dark over there?


The beauty of nature

Restructuring natural elements.


The hut

Vacation, or in other words, a need for ‘vacant’. Enter the void! Huts can be defined by their wooden structure, and close relationship with nature. Especially, when you start interaction with each other, and cross borders!


The forest

What is the difference between pragmatism and esthetic? When do they strengthen, when do they oppose each other?

In my early years I would cut trees down and brought them back into pratical pieces for a little wooden heater.

Nowadays, when cutting trees, I cannot just simple cut them in equal pieces anymore. Look at all the unique differences every tree has!